About Us

We’re building a systems-based investment platform centered on building a new balance between earth's natural systems and human activity.

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Who We Are

Third Nature is a growing collective of entrepreneurs, investors, fund managers, enterprises, philanthropies, and other strategic partners building new markets and business models in service of human and planetary health.

Our Story

From Food Systems to Earth Systems

Jason W. Ingle

In 2012, Jason W. Ingle co-founded Closed Loop Capital Investments, L.P. (“CLCI”), an impact-driven venture fund that capitalized on investment opportunities in agriculture technology and food system innovation.

A first-mover, CLCI invested in several pioneering companies that have realized top tier returns, but also catalyzed entire markets from biological fertilizers to fermentation technology and plant-based proteins. These sectors are now attracting billions of dollars in investor capital.

This field-building, catalytic impact on food systems investing that CLCI identified and helped lead is at the center of a new investment platform, Third Nature Investments.

With a broader and interconnected strategy, Third Nature Investments is the next iteration of CLCI and will benefit from its predecessor’s unique insight, deep impact orientation, robust opportunity network, expansive ecosystem of industry partners and advisors, and extensive domain expertise, centered on all of earth’s critical systems.

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