We believe these purpose-driven, business-minded emerging companies reflect not just what consumers want, but expect. Each of these is a signal for change, but collectively, we see transformation on the horizon — leading to a 21st century economy that is in balance with our natural world.

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Our approach to investing is different

Trying to solve current problems using outdated investment methodologies and practices won’t create transformative change.

We know from experience: Quick wins and transactional relationships won’t shift systems, and a company’s cultural DNA is set at the early stage of business model development.

We aim to actively partner with our portfolio companies early on, as they develop purposeful innovation that delivers meaningful impact. We call this “venture building” and strive to focus on value not valuations.

Third Nature Ventures Portfolio

Meet the entrepreneurs, see their vision, and learn how they plan on changing the world.

Atlantic Sea Farms
Briana Warner headshot
Atlantic Sea Farms
Briana Warner, CEO

By farming a highly regenerative and virtuous vegetable — kelp — the Atlantic Sea Farms team is proving that a business model that puts farmers, planet, and people first can drive an entirely new way of producing delicious food that’s economically viable and sustainable.

Clover Food Lab
Julia Wrin Piper, CEO of Clover Food Lab
Clover Food Lab
Julia Wrin Piper, CEO

Growing from a single food truck in 2008 to a bustling regional chain of vegetarian restaurants serving thousands daily, Clover Food Labs works with local communities and regional farmers to build a healthier and tastier food future, while helping cut carbon emissions and address global warming.

Kimberly Smith headshot
Kimberly Smith, CEO

Copia transforms surplus into sustenance, with its data-driven platform that allows businesses to redistribute high-quality surplus food to people in need, making a meaningful impact on communities and drastically reducing waste.

The Jackfruit Company
Annemarie Ryu headshot
The Jackfruit Company
Annie Ryu, Founder & CEO

The Jackfruit Company is building distribution systems, improving market opportunities for farmers, and creating an international supply chain around the overlooked, perennially grown jackfruit to improve human diets and health, and the well-being of our planet.

Keel Labs
Tess Callaghan headshot
Keel Labs
Tessa Callaghan, Co-Founder & CEO

Innovating at the nexus of design, science, and engineering, Keel Labs is creating ocean-based materials built from renewable resources to transform and markedly lower the environmental footprint of the fashion industry.

Julia Marsh, CEO of Sway
Julia Marsh, Co-founder & CEO

Winning first place in the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize, Sway is fundamentally rethinking materials, designing seaweed-based, rapidly compostable replacements for plastic to help reduce plastic waste and support healthy ocean ecosystems.

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