We partner with talented and committed entrepreneurs who are building durable and resilient companies on the leading edge of defining global solutions to tackle the most complex and urgent issue areas that are essential to a stable planetary system and prosperous future for humankind.

Aerial shot of ocean meeting sand.

Our approach to investing is different

Trying to solve current problems using outdated investment methodologies and practices won’t create transformative change. 

We know from experience: A company’s cultural DNA is set at the early stage of business model development. We aim to actively engage our portfolio companies early on, as they develop purposeful innovation that delivers meaningful impact.

We don’t start with tech solutions in search of a problem.

Instead, we let our insights into our most massive, urgent, and interconnected planetary challenges drive our investment into “earth tech.”

Earth tech investing is going all–in on innovations that harness human ingenuity, but also working in partnership with nature and to the benefit of its restoration.

We’re looking beyond massive capital raises, rapid scale-ups, and quick flips to an acquirer or into public markets. We’re looking for real change — transformation of the most entrenched systems and industries that will also define and build entirely new industries and markets in harmony with our planet.

We’re already busy investing in talented entrepreneurs who are using innovative approaches for addressing critical areas such as food waste, ocean health, land and soil regeneration, animal welfare, biodiversity restoration, and human health.

We believe these purpose-driven, business-minded emerging companies and brands are more and more what consumers not only want, but expect. Each of these is a signal for change, but collectively, we see transformation on the horizon — leading to a 21st century economy that is in balance with our natural world.

We look forward to highlighting these future industry leaders and purposeful enterprises soon!

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